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          Attorney at Law


          Personal Injury & Workers' Compensation

          Chicago  |  Crystal lake  |  Warrenville

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          (1) Getting A Fair Settlement

          Insurance companies will try and settle your case for 10% or less of its true value.

          (11) Keeping You Out Of Medical Bill Debt Collection

          Your health insurance will often deny coverage.

          The at-fault insurance company will not pay your medical bills while you are treating.

          Hospitals and providers will send your bills to collections within 90 days of treatment (the average post accident ER visit is almost $10,000). Without guidance, you will likely end up in collections.


          (1) Getting You A Fair Settlement

          (II) Keeping You Out Of Collections

          do not let hospital bills ruin your credit



          How it works


          (1) Free In-Home Consultation

          Whether you have been injured at work (workers' compensation) or as the result of someone else's negligence (personal injury), I will meet with you anytime to discuss your case. In my office or in your home, Sunday-Monday, it is entirely up to you.


          (2) Contingency-Fee Payment Structure

          If hired, I work on contingency. This means (1) I only get paid if I win your case and (2) all up front expenses are covered by my firm and only repaid if I win. In short, litigation costs you nothing unless I win.


          (3) Post Injury Treatment Guidance

          After an accident, you will encounter at least one of the following: 

          (2) If billed, your health insurance company will deny coverage.

          (3) Providers (especially hospitals) will demand payment for services rendered within 90 days of treatment regardless of whether you are still treating. Any unpaid bills are sent to collections. 


          (4) Pre-Litigation Settlement (Personal Injury)

          504 Gateway Time-out


          (5) Litigation (Personal Injury)

          More and more, insurance companies refuse to be reasonable. Should this occur, I will file a lawsuit on your behalf and work towards obtaining either a settlement or jury verdict.


          (6) Bill & Lien Reduction



          (7) Workers' Compensation






          Chicago, Illinois

          BALKE & WILLIAMS

          542 S. Dearborn Street

          Suite 310

          Chicago, Il 60605



          Crystal Lake, Illinois

          BALKE & WILLIAMS

          330 W. Terra Cotta Avenue

          Suite B

          Crystal Lake, IL 60014



          Warrenville, illinois

          BALKE & WILLIAMS

          4320 Winfield Road

          Suite 200

          Warrenville, IL 60555



          CONTACT ME


          504 Gateway Time-out

          Please provide either a phone number or email address
          Approximate date of your accident
          Details about your accident and any medical treatment you received / are currently receiving


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